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Mapping Mythology was originally created as part of the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (ITP) Certificate program at the Graduate Center, CUNY in the Fall of 2010. At first, I was mostly angling the project towards pedagogy, having used, for some time, pictures of artworks with a mythological theme in my Classical Mythology classes at Hunter College. As I began to build the pilot site, with the help of the Graduate Center's New Media Lab, I decided I could both serve a more research-inclined audience and still provide the visual resources relevant to a mythology classroom.

The project has progressed since its inception. I have uploaded public sculpture and architectural sculpture and relief items and then created exhibits for these items. The timeline functionality remains a goal for the near future, as does additional architectural sculpture and relief items. Site structure will change slightly when upgraded to Omeka 2.0.

I welcome your questions, comments, and contributions.

Jared Simard