Athena at Athens Square Park

One of several Athena sculptures in New York City, the Athena statue at Athens Square Park in Queens, NY, is a fabricated bronze replica of the Piraeus Athena (ca. 350 BCE).  The statue was presented to the City of New York as a gift from then Athens Mayor Demetris Avramopoulos on March 28, 1998.  The gift was made as part of a larger effort on the part of the city to reconstruct the park as a neighborhood gathering place based upon the ideas of the local Greek-American population. 

Most notable about this representation of Athena is the absence of her usual armor accompaniments.  There is no spear and no shield.  Her breastplate has been replaced by a slimmer metal sash version.  Medusa and snake imagery remain.  Athena, however, is depicted as usual with a helmet.